New travel standards expected by travelers in the next 10 years

By TIN Media | Technology Published 2 years ago on 28 December 2019
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According to new research by Agoda, the world's fastest-growing digital travel platform revealed that the single applications for all travel needs, passport-free travel, and the mobile app check-in are the top three ' new travel standards ' expected by travelers in the next 10 years.

Despite ongoing technological advances, innovative travel technologies and increased connectivity, people expect much more of their encounters despite travel over the next decade. In particular, half (56%) of all Southeast Asians surveyed in Indonesia (54%), Malaysia (53%), Taiwan (50%), the Philippines (48%) and Thailand (48%), which are considered the standard for the next decade. 

Every other individual in South East Asia also sees mobile app checks, allowing visitors to skip the record queue, download their access key and get directly to their rooms, as was normally the case in the 2020s, with the most anticipated phenomenon being Singaporeans (54%), Philippines (53%) and Malaysians (58%) and Thais (49%).

While, the top five countries that are expected to see a future of passenger-free travel are Singapore (50 %), Vietnam (47%), the Philippines (45%), China (44%) and Australia (41%).In the United Kingdom and the USA, they are less anticipated with only 1 out of 5 expected to become the norm in the next decade.

Technology has already done so well as to provide innovative technologies such as the ones built at Agoda to provide visitors with instant access, at real-time prices and on-site availability, to millions of hotels and properties all over the world.

"There is a golden age technology for travelers, as technology has been developed to simplify the search, booking and payment methods of flights, hostels, and accommodation for everyone. During the 2000s, the mouse and machine were identified, making travel reservations online only one click away. In the 2010s, the smartphone and app were set and every telephone owners ' travel agent was put in the pocket; in the 2020s, the power of data and machine learning (AI) were defined.

In this way, companies such as Agoda can make booking traveling more easily and personalized, "explains Timothy Hughes, Agoda's vice-president of corporate development.

People want the volume of travel they make in the 2020s to be increased universally. 40% of respondents worldwide are exploring their own country more, and 35 % are expected to travel abroad more often than not.




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