Chinese explorer to attempt the longest Antarctic crossing!

By TIN Media | Asean News Published 8 months ago on 1 November 2019
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A young Chinese scientific explorer, Wen Xu,32, after departing Beijing on Wednesday, October 23 will make an attempt to cross the longest unaided solo trek across Antarctica. The solo trek across the continent is expected to take 80-85 days covering approximately 2000 kilometers.

According to an event organizer, if the solo trek is successful, Wen Xu will be the first person to cross Antarctica alone from the shore of Berkner Island. While interacting with the media, Wen told the reporters that he plans to fly from Beijing and transfer to Punta Arenas, Chile. Starting at Berkner Island in Antarctica, he plans to cross the South Pole and finally reach the Ross Ice Shelf.

Wen will collect scientific samples for research, and help people realize the impact of global warming. Wen, also the founder of Polar Hub said "Climate change remains a huge challenge for humans. By conquering the difficulties of a solo crossing Antarctica, I hope the public will pay attention to, and act on, the global warming issue," 

Polar Hub is a group of professionals in China who combine scientific research with polar adventures. In December 2018, 33-year-old United States explorer Colin O'Brady became the first to cross Antarctica. It took him 53 days to cover about 1,500 km alone and unassisted.

Several companies like Toread, GalaxySpace and China Electronics Technology Group Corp will support the journey of  Wen's Antarctic adventure by providing outdoor clothing, satellite communication and a source of electricity.

"The Arctic adventure should have been done with teamwork, but my instructors tried to cultivate my solo ability along the way," he said.

A documentary will be done to record the entire journey. According to Rao Zijun, Director of the documentary, the trek will be different from others as Wen will record his own journey.

Rao said, "The shooting team will follow Wen from Beijing to the starting point in Antarctica and wait for him at the endpoint, He will have to carry a camera and record the lonely journey by himself."


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