Malaysia Showcases Tourism and Culinary Delights at CITIE 2023

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 2 months ago on 21 September 2023
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Tourism Malaysia, joined hands with 11 tourism industry enterprises, made a significant presence at the 2023 Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE). CITIE is renowned as China's largest comprehensive international tourism exhibition, focusing on both B2B showcasing and B2C sales.

The strong presence of Tourism Malaysia shows confidence in CITIE, which provides an international platform for showcasing and networking for Malaysian tourism products. This will help more tourists gain insights into the latest travel information about Malaysia and amplify Malaysia's presence in the Chinese tourism industry market.

Malaysian cuisine is not only diverse but also a culinary adventure in itself. To ensure that food enthusiasts get a taste of authentic Malaysian cuisine, Tourism Malaysia has partnered with the Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou to present the Malaysian Cuisine Festival from September 15 to 24.

During the culinary festival, guests at Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou can enjoy a buffet dinner consisting of fresh ingredients imported from Malaysia, creating an authentic Malaysian dining experience.

Executive Chef Lim Wei Bing, a Malaysian-Chinese, leads the culinary team in crafting dishes from 22 authentic Malaysian flavor recipes, using 12 fresh ingredients, and 28 aromatic spices. From salads to soups and a variety of desserts, including Malaysia's signature Nyonya kuih and five flavors of Musang King durian desserts, the atmosphere is lively, and the event is a massive hit. Guangzhou residents are in for a treat to a delightful culinary feast straight from Malaysia.

As Malaysia takes the stage at CITIE, it's not just its picturesque landscapes but also its rich and diverse culinary offerings that are captivating the hearts and palates of visitors. Tourism Malaysia's efforts to promote Malaysian culture and cuisine are undoubtedly adding more flavor to the 2023 Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo.


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