Perak government will study the use of limestone caves and mountains around the state

By TIN Media | Perak Published 2 years ago on 19 February 2020
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The Perak Government will study the use of limestone caves and limestone mountains around the state as individuals invade areas of historical significance.

Chairman of the Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee, Tan Kar Hing said it was true that the state government had discussed this and that there had been a policy approval to study the use of limestone caves and limestone mountains around Perak.

"This is a first attempt against other states but as in all states, the status of a cave or mountain is just a regular reserve and there is no special reserve that if any activity or use of a cave or mountain is not approved.

"So, the state government is reviewing how to allow any individual to use the area but subject to technical conditions, in terms of safety, geological and so on," he told.

He was commenting on the actions of individuals who had trespassed and installed some idols in the Matsurat cave which damaged the natural beauty of the country.

According to Kar Hing, to date there are at least 35 limestone hills or limestone caves around the area of ??Kinta where there is no clear policy for each mountain or limestone cave.

He added that the state government has not only allowed limestone areas to be explored but has to take into account many factors.

"This is only a matter of policy approval but no technical information is available but with the policy, we can revisit the use of caves or limestone mountains as we know there are many caves used for worship purposes.

"It's not that we don't allow it but we have to take into account the safety factors, adherents and visitors as these places will often be built as places of worship and places of tourism.

“If there is a lot of traffic, parking, the development of the area may be affected by the limestone structure.

"That's why we need a policy to make a comprehensive study of its use in terms of technical, security, geological, archaeological, heritage and so on," he said.

Earlier, the media reported that some individuals had trespassed and placed some idols inside the Matsurat cave and even burned incense and paper.

Not only that, there were two shipping containers outside the cave that were being converted into cabins.



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