Spilt sea phenomena in Langkawi

By TIN Media | Kedah Published 1 year ago on 13 March 2020
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Nearly 200 visitors to Tanjung Rhu Beach were excited this morning for a 600-foot hike on the sandbank connecting the beach to three small islands near the 'split sea' phenomenon due to low tide.

Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi Specialist Zoher Mustan said the two-hour sand-lined walk could be enjoyed by the beach and resort visitors once a year.

"These sand dunes can occur in many places in Malaysia including Langkawi. Every month, the phenomenon of flooding (will occur) to the rise of the sand shelf.

"At that time we could walk down the sandbank, this phenomenon occurs today, in case people miss having to wait next year," he said here today.

He said besides the Tanjung Rhu Beach, the phenomenon could also be seen at two other locations, namely Datai Bay and Chenang Beach.

"What is more interesting is that visitors have the opportunity to see a variety of marine life such as sea fish, sea cucumbers, squirrels and sea horses while hiking the sand," he said.

Meanwhile, Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Chief Executive Officer Dr Hezri Adnan said the sand walk program was a special annual event for guests at the Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi, but this time, the event was organized to give the public a chance to enjoy an exciting experience.

"This program on the sand slab is one of the steps of Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi, LADA and several other partners to highlight the natural and natural beauty of Malaysians and foreign tourists.

"It should be a yearly event with better program rules. I think this program could be a lot of fun next year because of the incredible experience that comes with walking along this sandy shelf of various marine life including the ones we can still see, our taste. close to nature is a pleasure that cannot be bou


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