The closure of Theme Parks has the least impact on Tourism Malaysia 2020

By TIN Media | International Published 2 years ago on 2 November 2019
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Johar has so many places and tourism destination to offer that the closure of prominent water park in the region didn’t affect the popularity of the place. With the closure of Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town Sanrio Theme parks located at the Princess Harbour, Iskandar Puteri, earlier in2019 has very little Impact in Visit Malaysia 2020 as well as Visit Johar Year 2020.

Liow Cai Tung, State Tourism, Women, Family and Community Development Committee Chairman, while attending a Pontian district roadshow promoting activities, recreation and information to mark the Brest cancer awareness month at Ayer Baloi said that the State Tourism is actively  promoting 10 districts in the State with promoting the rich history and unique culture of the respective place to the domestic and tourists from over the world.

Liow said that the closure of the theme park was a decision taken by the private sector and the government had to respect the decision made, however, she added the closure of the two theme parks will affect only small chunk of visitors as parks were state and local tourist attraction points as a whole.

Theme parks weren’t the main point of attraction in Johar, there are many things in Johar to go to and enjoy including the Islands, also the medical, Agro and eco-tourism of Johar are incredibly famous. She said, “Among the 20 destinations and 20 tourism festivals featured in its VJY 2020 campaign are pineapple farms and paddy fields which are bound to attract both domestic and international visitors”.

This came into limelight soon after Liow was reported saying that the 7-year-old theme parks will cease their operation at the end of 2019 due to poor response of tourists and people in general. Liow added, “Whenever there is a by-election, leaders, those from other areas including voters who live elsewhere, will return to vote”.

"They help boost the area’s economy as there will be an increase in demand for the local fare at eateries and demand for accommodation at guest houses, hotels and motels," she said.


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