West Asian aviation industry is seeking financial assistance from the government

By TIN Media | Airlines Published 9 months ago on 28 March 2020
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The airline industry in West Asia is in a dire stage as the COVID-19 pandemic has a serious impact on the company's revenue, demanding government assistance.

This comes as authorities in the continent take decisive steps to close down airports, stop customers from using aviation services and stop operations at two major aviation hubs such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Arab Air Transport Organization (AACO) and the International Air Transport Union (IATA) are seeking financial assistance from the government, warning that the impact of COVID-19 is expected to have a significant impact on the industry in the future.

IATA chief Alexandre de Juniac said the aviation industry is in danger.

AACO, in a statement representing 30 Arab public and private air carriers, said it had requested support packages including tax relief, exemption of fees and charges and cover the costs of the outbreak.

It warns that without action, the post-COVID-19 era will lead to a thin industry future as it influences regional customers to enjoy the service.

"AACO sees the move as very important for the government to implement in a bid to avoid scenarios where aviation cannot provide the public with convenient service," he said.

Representing 290 airlines worldwide, according to IATA, the revenue of West Asian airlines operating 1,300 aircraft is expected to decline by up to US $ 19 billion (RM80.8 billion) equivalent to 39 percent compared to last year.

Alerts were also raised when 800,000 workers were affected by COVID-19 and could cause the industry to lose tens of millions of passengers this year.

Qatar Airways, also the second largest company in West Asia, is among the few entities still operating during the crisis. The company only operates 40 percent.





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