China's tourism is blooming enormously

By TIN Media | China Published 7 months ago on 14 July 2020
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During the past weekends, more than 150,000 people have enjoyed flights under the ‘fly at will’ air ticket discount package offered by China Eastern Airlines.

As the first-ever discount airfares package that allows passengers to enjoy unlimited weekend flights till 31 December, on 18 June the package was launched at 3.322 yuan (approximately US$ 473.72). 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in China has been effectively been controlled, 150,000 passengers have flown for vacations or to visit their families with the ticket bundle, which has become one of China's hot topics and a phenomenal economic activity.

According to a source, the average passenger load factor in China Eastern flights to over 10 destinations in Shanghai increased by nearly 20 percent, with some flights even reaching 90 percent.

The proportion of passengers who "fly by will" exceeds 90% on some popular flights, While aircraft such as the B777 and the A350 are sent to hot flights, yet still unable to meet the ever-expanding travel demands of passengers entirely.

Similar products have also been introduced by other airlines in China after the package. China Express recently unveiled similar air ticket packages, and Hainan Airlines announced that its 12 airline companies would offer a limited-destination air ticket package jointly.

China Eastern hopes that its "fly-by-will" will contribute to improving tourism and hospitality businesses, so that related industries will tide over hard times, a Chinese Eastern department management official said.


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