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By TIN Media | Featured Story Published 2 years ago on 20 April 2022
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Traveling can be a pleasurable experience of exploring new places, but it can also be a transformational one. You gain a lot of insight into yourself, which allows you to discover even more about yourself. However, a single occurrence might convert a dream into a nightmare. This could include theft, the loss of property, or even harassment.

A Twitter user recently shared her experience of traveling alone in Zanzibar, which she described as "surprising." Unfortunately, such incidents are becoming more common, particularly among women who travel alone. To help bring peace of mind, it is critical to take safeguards. We've put together a list of the greatest safety items to bring on your next trip, all of which can be found in Kenya.

When traveling alone, a personal security alarm comes very helpfully. It's a little device that you may attach to your keys with ease. When someone is in danger, the alarm makes a noise of 120-130 dB, which can attract attention for help.

Simply unplug the device and turn on the alarm, which also has a small LED button for nighttime illumination.

A power bank is a device that you simply cannot do without. Even if you aren't going anywhere. It makes a huge difference to have a fully charged phone, especially if you're in a strange country. It will be simple to contact for assistance or share your position with a trusted friend if you find yourself in a difficult circumstance.

AirTags is an indispensable tool for tracking your belongings and pinpointing their exact location using the iPhone's Find My app. If you don't have an iPhone, you can use the. companion to the file tile It's also a fantastic device that accomplishes the same thing.

These locks are simple to set up. Keys and screws are included with the lock. Take the key with you after the locks are in place so no one can open it.

It's a simple solution to secure any door. They wouldn't be able to get in even if they had a key on the other side. It's quite useful, especially if you're alone. To install, line up the metal wedge's size with the huge hole on the door hinge's end. Close the door gently until it snaps into place, then take the red wedge and put the sliding metal rod side into the metal wedge's center hole.


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