Iceland promotes tourist attraction with live webinars

By TIN Media | Europe Published 3 years ago on 16 May 2020
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There will be separate webinars on the seven fascinating regions of Iceland (South Iceland, West Iceland, East Iceland, North Iceland, Westfjords, Reykjanes, and Reykjavik), which will dig deep into the history, culture, topography, and accessibility of the place.

To those who want to visit the place in the future, the webinars would be useful. Although tourists are highly visited in regions such as Southern Iceland and Reykjavik, webinars will give equal weight to the less-known destinations and will develop various training material to promote agents' awareness.

The webinar will be transmitted for several consecutive and alternate days, from 19 May to 11 June. Every episode will involve a local representative from a specific region to introduce the public to such venues and provide an overview of the most famous attractions, several special points of sale, and interesting facts and figures.

The Sessions will also include the latest developments in these areas and post-lockdown safety steps.


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