Airbnb is shifting its Experiences platform to the virtual world

By TIN Media | USA Published 3 years ago on 10 April 2020
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 Airbnb is shifting its Experiences platform to the virtual world with online experiences hosted through Zoom, selling guided tours and tourism activities such as cooking and pottery lessons.

The travel has been placed into indefinite reservations with half the world shelter.

Airbnb is launching its Online Experiences program to help hosts earn income amid Covid 19 chaos and as alternative ways to communicate with people worldwide.

The network currently includes activities from over 30 countries, from mastering K beauty from a Seoul TV host to practicing meditation from a Japanese monk in Osaka and preparing home-made pasta from an Italian nonna in Rome.

Oldest, lonely adults often benefit from a free online experience and may develop a new skill in organisations such as SAGE, which enhances the lives of elderly LGBT individuals, and the national aging council.

"Millions of elders can not leave and endanger their safety because of the current crisis, and need research to keep them linked to the world around them," said SAGE CEO Michael Adams.

"Through our collaboration with Airbnb, SAGE will provide an opportunity for older members of LGBT communities around the country not only to meet others but also to learn a new hobby and travel almost anywhere from home," he said.

Other experiences included such as learning magic, Portugal tapas, and British Olympian preparation.


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