Alor Setar intends to build a 'Glass room'

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 2 years ago on 23 November 2019
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The Alor Setar Tower will add value as the state government intends to build a 'glass room' like the Kuala Lumpur Tower to allow its visitors to enjoy the view of the city from the air.

Exco Youth and Sports, Tourism, Cultural and Development Minister Kedah Entrepreneur Mohd Asmirul Anuar Aris said discussions had been held with the Kuala Lumpur Tower and agreement had been reached on the construction of the open platform at the Alor Setar city hall.

"We expect to be able to start construction of the glasshouse as soon as possible and if there are no problems, it is expected to be completed by the first quarter of next year.

"This new attraction will provide visitors with a different experience and construction appropriate for the Visit Malaysia Year 2020, which is our intention to attract more tourists to the country and Kedah in particular," he said.

He said details on the construction of the glasshouse were yet to be finalized but hoped that funding could be channeled to ensure the project could be released soon.

Meanwhile, Mohd Asmirul said, apart from offering modern products, the state government's focus was still on heritage concept tourism which is one of the main strengths of the tourism sector in Kedah especially in the mainland.

"Everybody knows Langkawi which is made up of 99 beautiful islands is well known for being a tourist destination within and outside of the country, but in the mainland, it is also not so great especially concerning heritage.

"We have Wednesday Town, Zahir Mosque, Main Hall, Nobat Hall and the most interesting of Dr Mahathir's Birthplace on the Alor Setar Ice Mill Road," he said.

He said the state government was also working to ensure that the tourism location was well managed to provide satisfaction and comfort to the visitors.

"Previously, there were parties including the private sector appointed to maintain tourism in the state but some did not perform well, we will change and make sure those who are appointed are doing good maintenance," he said.

In the meantime, he said, the state government targeted the arrival of about 6 million tourists to the state, including four million for Langkawi next year.


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