Entering a new era of tech-empowered travel

By TIN Media | Technology Published 11 months ago on 1 July 2022
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We learned through Covid-19 that change occurs quickly. And the rapid adoption of technology has indeed revolutionized the way we travel today.

Technology solutions are essential in helping people travel safely once more, from digital vaccine passports and QR codes to real-time travel notifications. This data and the easy access to it will continue to be crucial to supporting travellers throughout their journey from the start of the planning process through to their stay. It provides clear, current, and timely updates on international travel requirements, and vital information about hotel hygiene, restrictions, and certifications.

We have entered a new era of tech-enabled travel, and the global hospitality sector, particularly in India, needs to get ready for this drastically transformed travel scenario by embracing technology and innovation even more eagerly than the travelling public.

This is where online travel agencies like Agoda can support hospitality partners in hastening the adoption of technology and data to improve the travel experience for their clients. It all comes down to regaining the trust of these travellers and providing them with technology solutions that assist them in rationally choosing how, when, and where to go. When it comes to creating the best experiences based on traveller booking/search behavior, the usage of AI and machine learning might be helpful.

There is a growing reliance on and emphasis on convenience as borders reopen. the benefit of being able to book lodging, travel, and activities on a single, user-friendly platform at the most competitive rates. Customers are starting to anticipate the same level of technology from their travel booking experiences as they have come to expect from super apps, e-commerce platforms, and meal booking services.

Tech-driven data insights shared with hotel partners can be utilized for revenue planning and to help level off demand peaks and troughs when travel picks up. This enables hotels to modify their rates and deals as necessary to meet the changing demands of their guests. Businesses that stand out for success will have an understanding of the importance of this data and a collaborative partnership that can assist generate solutions. Additionally, SME owners can employ the same technology and data that are used by larger firms to expand their businesses.

For instance, Agoda's dedicated PartnerHub provides countless resources, including advice and tutorials, advertising options, industry news and insights, and advertising solutions, to help users' success metrics and promote growth. Property owners can also make real-time modifications and enable new products to assist optimize occupancy and price by shifting trends through a special YCS Channel, an intranet platform for partners.

Borders are opening at varying rates, making it challenging for hotel managers to stay on top of the developments and decide how best to use their marketing budgets. Technology for marketing optimization and personalization will make it feasible for partners to reach travellers at the ideal moment, with the ideal offer.

Before Covid-19, we took the ability to travel freely without restriction for granted. Hotels, therefore, require technology that can adapt to changing circumstances now more than ever as the world reopens. While the return to travel will be eventful and, in some cases, disruptive, we have a clear route forward if the sector works together to pool its knowledge and resources and use technology to enhance its services.


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