Goa is poised to become a TourismTech hub by 2030

By TIN Media | India Published 1 year ago on 20 May 2022
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Goa Tourism Accelerator, a FiiRE initiative, is preparing to become the world's best destination for TourismTech startups (Forum for Incubation, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship).

FiiRE's CEO is DS Prashant (Forum for Incubation, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship). Over the previous 23 years in Goa, he has aided the formation of over 2,000 micro firms and mentored over 100 startups.

Prashant began his career with Glaxo India and now assists in the implementation of the government of India's startup investment programs such as Startup India Seed Fund, NIDHI PRAYAS, and NIDHI EIR.

FiiRE's COO, Thejus Joseph, previously led Lab32, India's largest incubation program, at T-Hub in Hyderabad. According to reports, Lab32's initial round of 70 entrepreneurs raised INR 1 billion and created 2,000 employees.

The jus has effectively influenced over 500 businesses as the Incubation Lead. At the age of 21, he founded the hardware business Techjeeva and worked as a Principal Consultant for a Kerala Technical University college.

In this extended conversation, Prashant and Thejus discuss the function of FiiRE, the specific Goa Tourism Accelerator program, the potential for companies, and plans. Below are edited excerpts:

Prashant and Thejus Joseph (DS Prashant and T): Our goal when we first started in 2018 was to help technology entrepreneurs get the perfect balance of education, network, and financing. From GTM (go-to-market) strategy and prototype/MVP (minimum viable product) testing to market access and support from industry and government, we guided startups through the early stages of their enterprises.

We've fine-tuned our function as an incubator in light of the pandemic's impact on the economy, and we're on track to make Goa the world's foremost location for TourismTech businesses by 2030.

We want to support entrepreneurs with tech-enabled tourist solutions and help them grow to the point where they can be funded.

Avital Software Development, Thermodrip, Magellan Life Sciences, Med Interventions & Beyond), gaming (Bidtronix), platforms (Decimi Technologies Fitness Konnect), UAV (Drone Sena), and ed-tech were among the 20 firms that graduated (Eduvannce Intelligos, Foreign Admits, Innovantix Systems, Internship Station Connection).


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