Malaysia gaining popularity for Agro-tourism

By TIN Media | Agri & Eco Tourism Published 4 years ago on 1 October 2019
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Malaysia is rapidly gaining its popularity for Agro-tourism as it is a new concept to the place but Malaysia has buckled up to promote the destination via agrotourism through thick and thin as it offers tourists an assortment of activities and makes them come closer to nature and agriculture sector, in general. Malaysia due to its rich agricultural resources can afford to attract a major chunk of tourist to visit the destination for agriculture; after all, the agriculture sector has been the backbone of Malaysia’s economy for so many years.

Agro-culture came into limelight after the main agency responsible for agro-tourism in Malaysia i.e the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry made it quite evident with a promotional helping hand from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, assisting throughout.

The activities that are quite popular amongst the tourists are visits to orchards and animal farms, research centres and homestays. This activity also promotes and supports the economic condition of a particular place. Many people have the interest to have their foods farm-pick and organic and what’s better than going to the farm and hand-picking them and knowing more about the same. It is where you can have a fruitful, educational, and fun summer experience, all at one place!

Once you are in Malaysia, you just have to visit your nearest farm and have a gala time altogether. You can pick your favourite organic fruit of your choice and treat yourself with all the good and healthy intake.

Malaysia’s largest goat & sheep farm, UK Farm Agro Resort is considered the best. However, there are more to explore. There are more than 100 acres with more than 4000 sheeps of different species like Jamnapari, Domba Garut, Damara, Barbados, Santa Ines, Malin, and Dorper. You can touch, feed and cuddle with them which is really exciting. The bonding time with cute fluffy animals will give you some inner joy. Added to that you can also enjoy and see peacocks, turkeys, rabbits, monkeys, wild boar, and other animals which will make you feel like you’re visiting a mini zoo.

Of course, the visit to the farm is not complete without learning something from it! The farm guys are extra sweet to offer you with the much-needed technical learning and will provide you with intense information. They usually explain the process of feed preparation which is surprisingly formulated with necessary nutrients in relation to the sheep needs, they also add ingredients such as soybeans, corn and other grain to make it healthier.

Apart from these, you can also visit the Ostrich and the Mushroom farm. The mushroom farm is quite interesting to visit as you can experience the medicinal properties mushroom like Ling Zhi which are expensive and are grown under proper supervision. On the other hand, the ostrich farm is really exciting as you can feed the bird with only RM3.

After visiting the farms, you can actually bring home some unique goodies and souvenirs like passion fruit products, which can be a gift to your loved ones. There are other choices too like goat’s milk ice cream, milk and coffee powder, milk lotion, passion fruit sauce and farm products, all that you can have and take away.




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