Penang govt to continue cable car project with private sector cooperation

By TIN Media | Penang News Published 1 week ago on 12 January 2021
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The Penang state government has announced that it plans to continue the Bukit Bendera cable car project with collaboration between the private sector through the Penang Bukit Bendera Corporation (PBBPP).

Chief Minister Chow Yeow stated that, following the cancellation of the Bukit Bendera cable car project by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government in April 2020, the project is to proceed in partnership with the private corporations.

"The state government feels that apart from the existing furnicular train, the cable car can be an additional mode of transportation, especially in reducing congestion during peak hours, thus contributing to Penang tourism continuous development,” he told a press conference here.

Chow said a pre-feasibility analysis was carried out on the cable car project and an overall evaluation was carried out by high-caliber consultants of the market, social, economic, environmental impact, etc.

"Based on the studies conducted, there are several optional routes for the project implementation namely through the Botanical Garden, Youth Park, and Teluk Bahang. It is even possible to build multi-storey car parks at different locations depending on the alignment and location of the cable car stations," he said.

Chow said that PBBPP has also suggested the use of electronic vehicles to transport tourists to the train stations from the multi-story car park.

"Following PBBPP's application to recognise Bukit Bendera as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve under the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme, a detailed development planning must be carried out,” he said.


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