5 things to do in Penang during George Town World Heritage City Day

By TIN Media | Penang News Published 3 years ago on 7 July 2020
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When it comes to Penang, everyone just loves the word " Char Keoy Teow" (fried flat noodles). This has been a signature dish for Penang and everyone from over the world would come to Penang to see actually how this food tastes like. Besides that, Penang is also famous for its heritage sites. George Town was given World Heritage Site status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in 2008. So let's see what are the 5 things we can do in Penang in conjunction with George Town World Heritage Day.

1. Visit Historical Buildings in the City

There a few building that has been the icon of Penang ever since. You can get by trishaw which is quite nearby to each other.

a) City Hall

City Hall is a beautiful white building that stands out due to its glorious white color. The building was built by the British in 1903, it is a combination of Edwardian Baroque and Palladian architectural styles, offering a distinct look and feel.

b) After just 10 minutes walk, you can walk over to the oldest structure in Penang and the largest standing fort in Malaysia which is the Fort Conwallis. Inside its ten-foot high outer walls, you will find informative exhibits within the park to learn more about its rich history.

2. Check-in @ Heritage Houses
Take this special day to not only admire the colonial heritage of those built-in 1840 but also to witness the uniqueness of George City by staying in Heritage Homes.

One of the most famous heritage mansions in Penang is  Cheong Fatt Tze-The Blue Mansion also known as The Blue Mansion. This mansion is not only to be checked-in but many visitors from other countries come here to snap their wedding photo's as well. You can check out their website for bookings and reservations.

3. Try Penang Street Foods

Penang is known for the best street food in the world. Moreover, the best thing to enjoy is the different exclusive street food of Malaysia, in particular Penang, created by migrants in a new country, Penang was introduced to unknown ingredients from different parts of the world when it was just senses of touch, smell, and words that played an important role in making something new.

4. Visit Museums and Art Galleries

Visit local museums and learn about the history, time of colonialism, journey of immigrants to another country, and particularly the day when they are recognized and celebrated.  Some of our most famous museums are:

a) Penang Peranakan Mansion
b)Penang State Museum
c) Penang War Museum

5)Visit Heritage Cafes

People love chilling in cafes with a cup of coffee while chit-chatting with friends. Here are some cafe you may want to visit in Penang!

A)Coffee Lane

C Coffee Lane is the best black coffee in Penang in order to encourage the elegance and beauty of this delicate savories. This coffee heaven is popular among local people with the slogan 'Coffee should be fresh ground, freshly brewed, and freshly served.' The nice aromatic feeling of coffee will greet you when you step your feet into this place.

b)Goh Kaki

In the heart of Penang, Goh Kaki is the best family hotspot. The wonderful and thrilling childhood game of your parents or grandparents can also be found here. Besides, serving in the most authentic and mouthwatering delicacies from yesteryear.

c) China House

It must be on the list, as it is one of Penang 's oldest and most visited cafés. China House is an all-in-one building that is great for everyone with art, music, food, and drink, which is comprised of cafés, restaurants, library, shops, and bakery. They serve up to 50 different cakes every day and live music is available throughout the weekends by local artists.

Penang is full of culture and heritage and an entire day dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the place can make you look into the beauty of Penang like never before.


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