Cambodia welcomes back Chinese travelers: govt confident of the tourism boom

By TIN Media | Asean News Published 1 year ago on 28 January 2023
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Chinese tourists arrived in Cambodia on Friday after the world's second-largest economy optimized its Covid-19 strategy earlier this month, according to officials. 
On Friday morning, a Ruili Airlines flight from Kunming in the Yunnan Province of southwest China arrived in Sihanoukville in southwest Cambodia. The more than 100 passengers on board were welcomed warmly by the local authorities. 
Hor Sarun, secretary of state for the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, told reporters at the ceremony that Cambodia is prepared to welcome all Chinese citizens and tourists. 
Chinese tourists are unrestricted from traveling anywhere in Cambodia and are not subject to the Covid-19 test, according to him. 
Within a few years, according to Chea Aun, secretary of state for the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cambodia will equal that of the pre-pandemic period. 
He stated, "We hope that the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cambodia and other ASEAN nations would once more expand dramatically. 
According to a report from the Ministry of Tourism, China was the main source of foreign tourists to Cambodia before the pandemic. In 2019, the country welcomed 2.36 million Chinese visitors, who brought in about 1.8 billion US dollars. 
According to Thong Khon, the minister of tourism, Cambodia is expected to draw at least 1 million Chinese visitors in 2023, up from just 110,000 in 2022. 
"China is the largest outbound travel market in the world, therefore the world as a whole would benefit greatly from China's restart of outbound tourism," he told Xinhua. 
China's restart of outbound tourism, according to Thourn Sinan, head of the Pacific Asia Travel Association Cambodia chapter, will stimulate the growth of international tourism. 
He told Xinhua that "not only Cambodia, but the entire world, are waiting for the return of the Chinese tourists to their country." "The presence of Chinese visitors has significantly aided the growth of the tourism business." 


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