Conscious travel, the new trend among sustainable tourism adventurers

By TIN Media | International Published 4 years ago on 1 November 2019
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Youth-focused Contiki Holidays has four new “conscious travel” packages for Europe 2020 focusing mostly on Gen-Z travelers for conscious and ethical travel along with sustainable tourism adventure. As part of these tours, travelers aged from 18 to 35 will gain a fresh perspective on suitable tourism while giving back to the communities they visit.

The company, in a statement, said they want to deliver on the “growing trend for conscious and ethical travel among Gen-Z travelers”. This includes a street art tour by Lisbon residents in Portugal; a guide through Covent Garden by vulnerably housed citizens of London, England; a tour of Berlin, Germany by Syrian refugees; and the chance to partake in a reforestation program in Iceland’s Haukadalur Valley.

Contiki Holidays is a member of The Travel Corporation, which owns Trafalgar. Trafalgar recently announced a Columbia Rediscovered experience, which offers tourists a look at the verdant wonderland of South America. The 13-day trip includes a sustainable initiative through a cultural encounter with local indigenous people, plus a chance to meet one of the country’s leading anthropologists, Dr. Santiago Giraldo. Colombia was once considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world, with its reputation for drug wars and kidnappings. But it’s now one of the trendy new destinations and a current favorite among adventurers.

With regards to your safety, Tourism Minister Julian Guerrero promises that the country has “changed dramatically”. He sais, “The negative perception of Colombia is mostly regarding what happened three decades ago. The continuous growth in tourism for the past 15 years in double digits will hopefully reassure anyone considering to visit that Colombia is now a top destination.”

Trafalgar’s parent company, nonprofit foundation TreadRight, is providing direct support to Dr Giraldo’s work with the ProSierra Nevada Santa Marta Foundation. For details, visit or



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