Flying Drones and Fishing are ban at Terengganu Drawbridge Due to Safety Concerns

By TIN Media | Terengganu Published 3 years ago on 23 July 2020
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TI Properties Sdn Bhd, Chief Executive Officer Khailizan Mahmud said that a ban on flying drones and fishing at the Drawbridge area is due to safety concerns.

In a statement from the media, he said that the company that operates the bridge and the towers was aware that the ban had been viewed negatively by the public and that they were a hot topic for debate on social media.

However, following several drones crashing on the tower's roof and across the drawbridge, Khalizan said drastic and effective action had to be taken.

"TI Properties is very appreciative and grateful to the drone flyers who have uploaded interesting pictures and videos (of the drawbridge area) on various social media platforms, and it has, to some extent, helped to promote and raise awareness of tourism products in Terengganu.

"However, the 'no-fly' ban had to be enforced at the drawbridge area, as failure to control the drones could cause them to crash and damage the ‘sky bridge’ building, where all of its panels are made of glass, thus endangering public safety," he said, adding that the drones could also interfere frequencies used by the drawbridge system.

Khalizan said the company had also to be vigilant, as strict regulations on drone use could cover RM 50,000 minimum fine, as would jail sentences, for the devices found operating without a permit from the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM).

As for the ban on fishing, he said it covers areas under and around the bridge for public safety, as well as to avoid fish bait littering in the area.

"Therefore, we hope the public can cooperate in complying with these instructions for the common good," he added.


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