Malaysia expects 27.3 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2024

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 2 months ago on 13 February 2024
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Tourism Malaysia is setting an ambitious target of welcoming 27.3 million foreign tourists in 2024, riding on the wave of optimism fueled by a series of strategic initiatives and the success of attracting over 20 million foreign tourists last year, surpassing the goal of 19.1 million.

Director-General of Tourism Malaysia Datuk Ammar Abd Ghapar expressed confidence in reaching this year’s target, attributing it to the government’s supportive measures such as the charter flight matching grant incentive, the Visa Liberalisation program, and enhanced tourism promotion activities overseas.

The charter flight initiative is particularly emphasized, aiming to boost the frequency of flights to Malaysia by providing financial incentives to airlines for increasing their services, including the introduction of international border flight grants for charter flights. This approach not only aims to encourage more inbound charter flights but also to diversify the entry points beyond Kuala Lumpur to include destinations like Kota Kinabalu, Penang, and Tawau. The goal is to make Malaysia more accessible from various global locations, thus attracting a larger number of international tourists.

A significant boost to tourist arrivals is also expected from the Visa Liberalisation program, which has already shown promising results. Since December 1, Malaysian authorities have allowed visa-free entry for Chinese and Indian nationals, leading to a substantial increase in tourist arrivals from these countries. For instance, the announcement of visa-free travel for Chinese travelers has significantly spurred enquiries and bookings, with reporting a 53.9% increase in inbound travel to Malaysia for the Chinese New Year in 2024 compared to the previous year. Tourism Malaysia aims to attract about 200,000 tourists from China each month, underscoring the importance of this market in achieving their annual target.

With these strategic measures in place, coupled with the ongoing efforts to promote Malaysia’s diverse attractions, Tourism Malaysia is well-positioned to achieve its target of 27.3 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2024, further solidifying Malaysia’s status as a top destination for international travelers.

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