Pahang passes 127.8 hectares of permanent reserved forest

By TIN Media | Pahang Published 4 years ago on 29 November 2019
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The Pahang government approved an area of ??approximately 127,893 hectares in the Yu River, Batu Yon District, Lipis as a permanent reserved forest in an effort to protect the wildlife including the Malayan Tiger.

Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said the eco-friendly decision was made at a State Government Council meeting to protect endangered species in Wisma Sri Pahang.

He said the newly approved area would also connect the permanent reserved forest Ulu Jelai and Tanum which will form the Ecological Corridor under the Ecological Master Plan (CFS 1) directly involved with the Central Forest Spine (CFS) network.

"The state government has also agreed to close the 5.2-kilometer stretch of the Yu River and reserved the 2.05-hectare government land as Pahang State Development, Research, and CFS One-Stop Center. "The decision to close the old Yu River road is reasonable as the road is rarely used by villagers after the completion of the Central Spine Road highway in the area.

"The closure should also take into account the recommendations of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of the Malaysian Tiger Conservation Alliance (MYCAT) joined by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Traffic South East Asia, the Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia Program and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia , "he said .

He said MYCAT also received reports of the presence of hunters, land intruders and illegal loggers who used the road to carry out their activities and there was evidence that striped tigers and other wildlife using the Eco-Viaduct 'were targeted by illegal hunters during the period between February and April. this year.

In regard to this, the closure of the road is seen as a necessary step and the government's high commitment to the CFS Master Plan as it prevents the entry of 'environmental criminals' into the Eco-Viaduct forest area, an RM60 million Federal government project.

"The 2.05-hectare government land designated as the Pahang State CFS Development, Research, and One-Stop Center also includes the existing River Yu Recreation Park area.

Wan Rosdy said it would also provide opportunities for local and foreign researchers to conduct research on the state's forests and flora and fauna.



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