Thailand Launches Visa Crackdown Amid Tourism Reputation Concerns

By TIN Media | Asean News Published 3 weeks ago on 23 March 2024
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In a bid to restore its tourism reputation, Thai immigration authorities have initiated a crackdown on foreigners without valid reasons or those involved in criminal activities within the country.

Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Police, Roy Ingpairoj, has directed the immigration department to intensify scrutiny on foreigners residing in Thailand, as reported by Khaosod English newspaper.

Stringent screening measures are to be applied to all incoming and outgoing foreigners, as well as those seeking visa extensions or changes in visa status.

All criminal activities committed by foreigners, including violations of immigration laws, will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

Furthermore, foreign residents will undergo scrutiny to uncover any links with criminal elements resembling organized crime syndicates.
This move follows a surge in criminal incidents involving foreigners, tarnishing Thailand’s image.

Since October 1, 2023, Thai authorities have made 614 arrests for various offences such as theft, illegal employment, traffic violations, and sex-related crimes, according to Thailand’s Public Relations Department.

In a recent high-profile case, two tourists from New Zealand were detained for assaulting a police officer in Phuket, resulting in a lifetime ban from Thailand and visa revocation.

Earlier this month, a Swiss national had his long-stay visa revoked for allegedly assaulting a Thai woman on a beach in Phuket.


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