The weak ringgit makes Malaysia a paradise for tourists

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 2 months ago on 5 December 2023
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Because of the weak ringgit, travelers and shoppers from other Asian nations have discovered Malaysia to be their ideal travel and shopping destination as the year-end holiday season gets underway.
Beijing, China resident Alice Ai, 32, was taken aback by how reasonably priced a stay in the center of Kuala Lumpur was.
She also expressed surprise at the lower costs in Malaysia for some luxury brand products than in her native country.
Chinese vape vendor Ai stated, "The main reason I decided to come here in the first place was because some of the luxury goods are far cheaper here than back home."
She is in Kuala Lumpur for four days with her boyfriend.
We are staying in a hotel room next to Suria KLCC for just RM200 per night.
"During the busiest travel season, a hotel room in Beijing can cost up to 8,000 yuan (RM5,218) for a four-day stay," she continued.
Meanwhile, Eric Nguyen, 30, and Liam Nguyen, 28, were keen to spend money trying out Malaysia's cuisine as foodies from Vietnam.
The two, who work as seafood factory workers in Australia, said they had been preparing for this trip for a while, ever since they had their first taste of Malaysian food there.
After that first taste, we were instantly enamored with Malaysian cuisine, but we couldn't afford to eat it frequently because it's so expensive in Australia.
"We decided that this would be the best time to come 'food hunting' in Malaysia because the weaker currency means we can try more food at a lower cost," Eric said. "We then started planning this trip a while ago."
Additionally, the two traveled to Malaysia in quest of high-end perfume brands, which they had heard were more affordable there than in Australia.
Nandiani Pramod Tellgote, a 49-year-old Indian tourist, was eager to satisfy her shopping cravings in Malaysia by purchasing clothing and gold at discounted prices.
"My passion is collecting gold jewelry, and coincidentally, our family's intended trip to Malaysia is scheduled during a period of weakening ringgit.
She added, "I am also considering buying new clothes, so I intend to spend the next few days looking for the best offers at local malls."
The Indian civil servant Nandiani continued by saying she was excited to buy mementos for her friends and coworkers back home.


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