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By TIN Media | Technology Published 3 years ago on 1 February 2021
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Tripadvisor has announced the launch of the world’s first virtual voice tour of a destination on Alexa, in partnership with The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi). The immersive experience enables travellers in the UK to explore the wonders of Abu Dhabi from the comfort of their home.

DCT Abu Dhabi is the first destination marketing organisation to test this new technology in the United Kingdom. Alexa customers in the UK will be able to say “Alexa, Explore Abu Dhabi” and be taken on an immersive voice tour of the destination. The themes and content within the experience have been selected based on Tripadvisor data and traveller sentiment, in order to create a unique experience that is powered by how consumers are feeling.

The Alexa skill enables would-be travellers to choose their own adventure, presented with various options detailing what they can explore in Abu Dhabi. Consumers using the Alexa skill can verbally request which path to take following prompts from the host. The full experience spans several minutes and comprises a choice of top relaxation and nature spots, cultural wonders and restaurants – all backed by reviews from the Tripadvisor platform. The skill remembers the path a user has taken and presents different options when they return.

Tripadvisor’s initial data from this campaign shows that the voice experience is performing well. Thousands of customers have already engaged with the skill and on average users are spending around four minutes with the immersive experience and answering approximately seven prompts. Therefore, creating significant, quality exposure for Abu Dhabi. In fact, just under two thirds (60%) of users who were asked just after listening to the experience said that it has made them more likely to visit Abu Dhabi in the future.

The voice skill is being promoted to Amazon Music listeners through voice ads as well as with high-impact banner placements across Tripadvisor. Travellers can take immediate action off the back of both the voice and banner promotions, to discover in-depth descriptions of Abu Dhabi.

This audio experience is part of a wider campaign with DCT Abu Dhabi. Tripadvisor has also created a range of Branded Guides to Abu Dhabi, custom videos as well as Destination Sponsorship, which are all backed by Tripadvisor data and traveller sentiment to ensure maximum relevance to travellers. The wider campaign is across 17 markets and is aiming to let travellers know that Abu Dhabi is waiting to welcome them when they are next able to visit.



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