Three-Body and Other Excellent Programs Are Unveiled at FILMART, and Tencent Video Promotes International Communication of Chinese Culture

Published 1 year ago on 17 March 2023
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HONG KONG, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 27th Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) was unveiled on March 13. Tencent Video participated in the exhibition with excellent film and television programs. By holding a content promotion workshop and setting up exclusive exhibition areas, Tencent Video exhibited the rich high-quality content on the platform, attracting the attention of producers, distributors, investors and industry representatives from all over the world. On March 14 afternoon, Tencent Video held a special event to promote its content.

During the event, Tencent Video introduced the platform's diversified content strategy in TV series. In particular, "Three-Body" was adapted from the novel of the same name which won the Hugo Award, the highest award in the science fiction industry. As soon as it was aired, the drama has been highly received by global audiences as "the new peak of Chinese science fiction drama", becoming a new benchmark for Chinese science fiction dramas to go overseas. The TV series also included "Where Dreams Begin", "Hao Shi Cheng Shuang", "Trio In Chengdu", "Sword and Fairy 6", as well as "Out of the Yu Men", "The Longest Promise" and "Amidst a Snowstorm of Love" adapted from popular novels.

Meanwhile, Tencent Video also showed premium content in various genres, including animation, variety show, documentary, children's programs, etc. As the top domestic animation platform, Tencent Video platform fully meets the needs of different users through a wide range of programs such as "Soul Land", "The King's Avatar", "Blades of the Guardians", "Swallowed Star", "Ling Long", and "Left-Hand Layup!", as well as "Shrouding the Heavens", China's first animation completely produced in Unreal Engine 5, and "Honor of Kings", the game's first official animation drama. In addition, high-quality content of Tencent Video's variety show, documentary and child channels were also demonstrated and attracted wide attention, including "Fifty Kilometers of Taohuawu", "Rock & Roast 5", "the Potala Palace", "Once Upon a Bite 5", "Monsters in the Forbidden City" and "Comic Wonder".

In recent years, Tencent Video has been committed to exploring the overseas market while consistently expanding the domestic market, which became a part of its strategic deployment. From 2017 to 2023, Tencent Video continues to export hundreds of films, TV dramas, variety shows, documentaries and cartoons to TV stations and streaming media platforms worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions overseas. For example, the TV drama "Three-Body" has been successfully distributed to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, India and other regions. On YouTube, over 7 million viewers watched the TV Drama "Three-Body". On WeTV, the average daily view number ranked top 1 in North America. On IMDb, the highest score of a single episode reached 9.9.

As a leading online video platform in China, Tencent Video always has firm confidence and maintains its investment in high quality and high value content. Adhering to the content values of "high quality, positive energy, innovation and youth", its diversified high-quality content actively responds to the constantly upgrading user needs. With the mission of delivering Chinese culture to the world, Tencent Video proactively uses its own platform to go overseas and promote diverse international cooperation, telling China stories and spreading China's voice. As a result, it has become a force to be reckoned with in promoting Chinese culture in the international arena.