Durian errant event held at Sahom Valley Agro and Eco Resort

By TIN Media | Perak Published 2 years ago on 31 December 2019
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Three tons of durian varieties from the area were brought to the Durian errant event held at Sahom Valley Agro and Eco Resort on Sunday.

Head of the program organizer Shariff Ali Jabad Ali said the two-day event, which started yesterday, has garnered the attention of more than 2000 visitors.

He said not only Perak residents but also those from Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Johor, and Singapore did not miss the opportunity to taste the fruit.

“This is not the first time this organization has been organized, it is co-sponsored by the Sahom Entrepreneur Association. We are grateful for the event.

“Many come from the locals and outsiders. Since yesterday, large groups of motorcyclists have also been present at the program.

"The concept is to pay RM20, eat 'until it is good," said Sahom Valley Agro and Eco Resort.

He added that the event aimed at boosting the tourism sector in Sahom is likely to continue in the future.

"All this time, people have only known Batu Kurau durian and Selama durian. So, the purpose of this program is to introduce Sahian people to the public.

"Durian Sahom is very different from other durians especially in terms of color and beauty," says Shariff Ali.

He added that the program was also organized to promote Sahom tourism products.

He said natural factors such as rivers, mountains, and ponds make the area one of the most attractive and must-visit places for tourists.

He told reporters at the Durian errant program at Sahom Valley Agro and Eco Resort, near here.

It is understood that apart from eating durian, there are other events such as cultural shows, lucky draw, exhibitions, and sales booths and folk sports.

In a similar development, Shariff Ali said several events had been arranged for him to organize in the area in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2020.


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