Artificial Intelligence faith and science

By TIN Media | Featured Articles Published 2 years ago on 8 November 2021
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It's time to lead the conversation on AI, Faiths and Science.

One of the expert speakers, Dr Siddiqi, a US citizen will talk about ‘God’s Creation of Human in the Best Mold'.


1) Quranic Ayat and Modern Science of Human Embryology by Dr Ahmad Mutee, Surgeon, USA

2) Metaphysic on Human Birth by Sarah Kidum Owen, MALAYSIA

3) Quranic Ayat and Artificial Intelligence on Transfer Learning, Forensic and Advisor by Azhar Mustapha, Nervesis, MALAYSIA

4) Artificial Intelligence - Human and the Correlation in Doctrine of Faith by Hj. Muhammad B Mahzan, MAHZAN Center of Excellence, MALAYSIA

5) New Life Challenges by Dr. Hakeema Rozainah, Ibnu Sina Wellness

6) NLP in Hinduism by Arularase


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