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By TIN Media | Current News Published 3 years ago on 1 November 2019
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According to a new survey, it is found that experts tend to settle down in Malaysia just because of the affordability of life in the country and its easier for them to settle in. The new study says that it’s easier for experts to live and work in Malaysia. According to the Expat Insider 2019 survey conducted by Inter Nations, The world largest expat community consisting of 3.6 Million members responded over twenty thousand polls and ranked as 64 destinations.


The benchmark criteria for the results were: ease of settling in, Personal Finance, Ease of life, quality of life, work-life balance, family life and cost of living in general, in the respective countries of residence in the poll.


InterNation said “Affording a good life in Malaysia does not seem to be hard for expats. The country comes in 7th place out of 64 countries in the Cost of Living Index, with 82% of expats rating costs positively (vs 47% globally)”.


“Maybe it helps that expats are also happy with the socialising and leisure activities available in Malaysia (8th out of 64),” the survey revealed. As a Philippine expat pointed out: “There are many places to visit, and you will never run out of things to do”.

When it comes to personal finance, Malaysian is considered to be in the seventh position and according to the survey, about 62 per cent of the people voted that household income is more than enough to cover the daily needs. For settling down in a specific country, Malaysia came third after Mexico and Bahrain. For career prospective Malaysia didn’t score much, as Malaysia is often deemed as an average destination when it comes to working abroad. Only about half the expats in the poll were satisfied with the career opportunity in the country.

According to the survey Taiwan, Vietnam and Portugal are the top 3 expat destinations. Whereas Kuwait, Italy and Nigeria were selected as the worst destination to settle in. Specifying the categories Kuwait was voted as a country where expats find it difficult to settle in, Italy offers the worst work-life and Nigeria the worst quality of life, altogether.



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