Greece and Thailand Strengthen Tourism Collaboration

By TIN Media | Asean News Published 2 months ago on 29 September 2023
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In a formal gathering hosted at the headquarters of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), Angela Gerekou, President of GNTO, convened a pivotal meeting with key stakeholders in tourism collaboration. This momentous event featured Mr. Asi Mamanee, Director-General of the European Affairs Department at Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Sathana Kashemsanta Na Ayudhya, Thailand’s Ambassador to Greece. The backdrop for this gathering was the existing memorandum of understanding and tourism cooperation agreement inked between the two nations. The primary agenda of this meeting was to amplify the scope of collaboration between Greece and Thailand, with a resolute focus on sustainable tourism practices and augmenting the flow of tourists between the two countries.

Distinguished Attendees:

Angela Gerekou, President of GNTO
Asi Mamanee, Director-General of the European Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand
Sathana Kashemsanta Na Ayudhya, Ambassador of Thailand to Greece
Myronas Flouris, General Secretary of Tourism Policy and Development, Ministry of Tourism
Sofia Lazaridou, General Director of GNTO
Angela Varela, Director of Domestic and International Services, GNTO
The gathering provided a prominent platform for high-level dialogues and strategic deliberations pertaining to the augmentation of tourism cooperation between Greece and Thailand. Some of the salient points discussed during this significant encounter include:

Championing Sustainable Tourism: Both parties underscored the pivotal significance of championing sustainable tourism practices. This encompasses the responsible development of tourism that conserves natural and cultural heritage while providing travelers with authentic and enriching experiences.

Boosting Tourist Influx: A central focus was the endeavor to boost the number of tourists traveling between Greece and Thailand. Strategies encompassing the attraction of Thai tourists to Greece and vice versa were explored, encompassing tailored marketing campaigns and enticing travel incentives.

Cultural Exchange: The meeting underscored the immense potential for cultural exchange between the two nations. The promotion of Greek culture and heritage in Thailand, and vice versa, was seen as an avenue to elevate the appeal of both destinations in the eyes of travelers.

Enhancing Tourism Infrastructure: The discourse extended to the enhancement of tourism infrastructure, including the optimization of transportation links and the diversification of accommodation options. These efforts aim to facilitate seamless travel experiences between Greece and Thailand.

Navigating COVID-19 Challenges: Acknowledgment was given to the persistent challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Both sides engaged in discussions aimed at ensuring the safety of travelers and adapting to the evolving landscape of travel in the wake of the pandemic.

The meeting between GNTO and the Thai delegation conveys an unequivocal commitment to fortify the bonds between Greece and Thailand within the realm of tourism. By placing sustainable tourism and strategic collaboration at the forefront, both nations aspire to entice a greater influx of visitors while offering unforgettable experiences that showcase their distinct cultures and natural allure.

This collaborative endeavor holds the promise of yielding mutually advantageous outcomes for the travel and hospitality sectors in both Greece and Thailand, ultimately redounding to the benefit of industry professionals.

As this partnership unfolds, it is of keen interest to monitor the initiatives and advancements that emanate from this collaboration, potentially setting a precedent for sustainable tourism practices within the broader travel industry.


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