Japan, China likely to resume travel this month

By TIN Media | China Published 1 month ago on 21 October 2020
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As part of Tokyo's efforts to revive its domestic economy, Japan and China are expected to resume travel for businesses this month between these two countries.

"Japan and China are extremely important neighbours to each other and there had been many reciprocal trips before the outbreak of the coronavirus," Kyodo News Agency quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato as addressing a news conference.

"It is extremely important that economic exchanges (between Japan and China) return to a recovery path through the resumption of travel," he added.

This month is expected to resume travel between the 2nd and third largest economies of the world as officials from both countries communicate about ways of reopening business borders.

In 2019, over 9.5 million Chinese, including businesspeople, visited Japan

In order for Japan to resume short-term business trips, it has signed agreements with South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. In February after the coronavirus outbreak in the region, Tokyo had banned foreign nationals. 


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