Malaysia considering to drop the Visa fees to proactively seize the travelers

By TIN Media | International Published 2 years ago on 1 October 2019
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Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng suggested as tourism competition is on the rise, Malaysia should consider dropping down the Visa fees to proactively seize the opportunity of grabbing good footfalls to Malaysia. He also noted that a similar kind of programme which was set in Thailand last year which gave a tremendous result and was proven as an effective method with Bangkok extending the programme until the end of October this year. Lim suggested that even a minimal boost of 5 per cent in tourist spending would be able to generate an extra RM2 billion in receipts for Malaysia. Lim wants to grab the opportunity proactively as soon as possible to grab a maximum number of tourists and travellers.

Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng said “The world has seen the success of this programme in Thailand and now even Russia is adopting it. Malaysia must investigate waiving the visa fee to draw in more tourists.

Lim added, “We should at least look at implementing it for the ‘winter’ months and to immediately promote it heavily to potential visitors who are seeking to escape the cold,”.The DAP lawmaker added that tourism generated nearly RM42 billion in the first half of the year and could be further encouraged to help spur the economy for the benefit of mid- to low-income earners. “

Ahead of the next presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will offer free electronic visas to visitors from 53 countries including Malaysia from next month, to boost the tourism receipts for his Russia. This scheme appears to be spectacular as it allows travellers to remain in the country for eight days out of the month-long validity period.

Malaysia to follow Thailand’s decision to waive its Visa fee for tourists that began in November last year and was extended to October 31, 2019. The same will be followed by Malaysia imposing a variable fee of between RM6.50 to RM50 on foreign visitors, depending on their origin and source of the country.

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