MemberAMS advances to revolutionize 'Digital Malaysia' with its membership enhancement technology

By TIN Media | Features Published 1 year ago on 7 March 2022
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As the Government of Malaysia recognized the opportunity, and challenge, provided by the digital economy to serve as a new driver of growth for the economy and revenue generation of the country. At this moment in time, Malaysia is going digital in every way possible.
New in, Malaysia-based firm TIN Tech Group Sdn Bhd has entered the digital management industry to manage members through a cloud-based membership management software that helps associations, chambers of commerce and other member-based organizations automate tasks, boost engagement, and generate revenue all from one platform.
Now you can easily manage, engage, and grow your group, all in one place. MemberAMS helps you create a seamless experience for organizations. 
As per Presanth Chandra CEO of TIN Tech Group, an incredible Web presence can make any organisation and its members more connected and competitive. He believes that the right technology can help you with saving time and money in the long run and allows you to focus more on members. He also believes that it's imperative to pick a Web solution that incorporates immense help and training as much as possible. It offers free online Demos, discussion forums, training videos and additional online/Offline training options to assist your association with benefiting as much as possible from our membership management software. 
MemberAMS pricing proposals are quite simple, easy to understand, and suited to your organisation's needs. Its subscription model is to fit into the budget of all sizes of organizations.  
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