Qnet's monumental dual flagship convention, 'Touching A Billion Hearts', unveils with a spectacular opening ceremony

By TIN Media | Penang News Published 9 months ago on 18 September 2023
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In a groundbreaking moment that marks a historic milestone, QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness-centric direct-selling powerhouse, proudly announces the commencement of its epic dual flagship convention from 17-21 September for VConvention2 (VCon2) and (VCON1) held last week between 7-11 September in the vibrant city of Penang, Malaysia.

Transcending boundaries, this history-making V-Convention embodies QNET's unwavering commitment to innovation, community empowerment, and a glorious legacy of 25 years in radically transforming lives through its premium products and unparalleled business opportunities.

At the majestic SETIA SPICE Arena, the largest multi-functional indoor haven in North Malaysia, the event unfolds with a grandiose ceremony on 8 September, encapsulating the spirit of the theme, "Touching A Billion Hearts".


Initiated in 2013 by the visionary founders of QNET, the "Touching A Billion Hearts" initiative is a testament to the company’s profound mission to elevate individuals to a level where they can raise others as well.

Malou Caluza, the charismatic Deputy Chairperson of QNET, profoundly shared "As we move towards touching a billion hearts, we endeavor to embolden individuals to live their best lives through our products and inspire others to do the same. This journey commenced as a seedling of hope during our 15th anniversary, and now, as we mark our grand 25th year, we are thrilled to spotlight the phenomenal strides we've taken in this magnificent journey during our back-to-back V-Convention."


In an unmatched celebration of its silver jubilee, QNET stands as a testament of innovation and transformative impact in the direct selling industry. The monumental V-Convention is set to be a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, drawing nearly 20,000 independent representatives and distributors from around the globe, representing a vibrant community that has embraced the enriching lifestyle and opportunities QNET offers.

The Grand Opening Ceremony unveils a world of grandeur and inspiration, featuring:

  • A breathtaking performance by Kings United, the epitome of world-class dance brilliance, famed from NBC's World of Dance.
  • An electrifying show by V COMPANY, a global sensation renowned for its digital platform prowess with over 31 million views.
  • Heartfelt and empowering narratives from the esteemed founders of QNET.
  • A spotlight on the global outreach and phenomenal success stories of the "Touching A Billion Hearts" initiative.

The unfolding days promise a host of exhilarating events, including dynamic QNET product unveilings, product training of industry experts, leadership sessions by the founders, and an immersive glimpse into QNET’s product philosophy, worldwide sustainability, and community endeavours.


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