Tourism Malaysia website incorporated few changes including birdwatching info and e-brochures

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 8 months ago on 1 November 2019
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Tourism Malaysia website has all the necessary information of events available on an e-brochure inserted in the website. Over 100 events have been lined up for Visit Malaysia 2020, and all of them are scheduled and listed on an e-brochure readily available on the website of Tourism Malaysia.

Among the featured events are Rainforest World Music Festival, Harvest Festival, Terengganu Beach Festival, Royal Floria, and Lampu as they attract a lot of audiences are often speculated to attract a lot of tourist from around the world.

VM2020 holds a special place in the heart of all Malaysians as it is incorporated to reflect and celebrate all the successes and challenges in transforming a colonial land, into a thriving, multi-cultural and dynamic country. The e-brochure basically highlights events and festivals that Malaysia is offering during the year-long VisitMalaysia2020 Campaign. These include sports activities, outdoor adventure quests, cultural performances, food trails, and nature conservation.

Birds Malaysia is a website developed by Ecotourism Conservation Society of Malaysia, in cooperation with Tourism Malaysia and the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry has also launched a website for birdwatchers in Tourism Malaysia.

The mentioned website will basically serve as a platform for local tour operators to promote ecotourism packages that include birdwatching. There are over 25 packages from seven operators. To name a few, there are Birding at Tabin, Sabah; Birdwatching in Mulu, Sarawak; and a Birdwatching tour at Taman Negara and many more.

Birds Malaysia is also where enthusiasts and travelers can share their wildlife photos, experiences, and knowledge about the different species in the country. There are over 750 species of birds in Malaysia, while 55 locations have been gazetted as “Important Bird Areas” which can be easily spotted during a nature walk.



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