Terengganu aims to develop largest black pepper plantation worth 320 million

By TIN Media | Terengganu Published 3 years ago on 24 April 2020
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Terengganu aims to develop a high-impact mega project for a black pepper plant involving 500 acres of land in the Bidong Valley.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, and Rural Development Committee chairman Dr. Azman Ibrahim said the project was expected to generate more than RM320 million in investment including the construction of a processing plant.

"We also expect over 2,000 job opportunities to be created in three years," he told.

He said further proof of the success of such a project was when the US-based international company successfully developed 20 acres of land with black pepper commodities.

"To date, three-year-old black peppers have produced 3.6 metric tonnes of black pepper a year. Higher yield ratios compared to the cultivation of black pepper in hilly terrain," he said.

Talking about some local people who did not agree with the government's decision to give the project to outsiders, Dr. Azman explained that in Rhu Tapai there is a 500-hectare Food Production Permanent Garden (TKPM).

"It is provided in the form of a lease to the locals with lots of between 10 and 20 acres each.

"But in the end, we had to take action to terminate the lease for the land as it was idle and undergrowth for over three years.

"The rent paid is only RM150 per hectare a year. We just for the land end up alone. At the same time, some people can land and work. This group is commendable," he said.

He said the local people were always given priority in all areas but high impact projects that required hundreds of millions of dollars needed a competent and complete organization in all areas of technology.

"We also want foreign companies to invest here to generate more state and national economies.

"As well as creating more jobs for the locals, where our people benefit, there is a lot of new things to learn in agriculture," he added.


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