Big Waves and rough sea make for epic rides at Cherating

By TIN Media | Pahang Published 4 years ago on 24 December 2019
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Cherating’s big waves and rough sea conditions during the year end make its beach an ideal spot for surfers.

Datuk Edros Yahya, State Tourism and Culture Ministry director said surfing enthusiasts from all over the world would assemble and gather crowd on the beach during the monsoon season to ride its waves.

He said while the monsoon might be banned for beach-goers and fishermen, or surfers, it was a blessing as they could put their skills to the test by taking on the rough waves.

‘Surfing competitions will be held during this month and the events receive positive feedback from local and foreign participants. A majority of the surfers are those who have experience surfing here, including some who are eager to test Cherating waves. The beach is unique. Its point break waves, which gives a ride distance of up to 400m, can be quite an experience for surfers’.

‘The area also offers visitors a memorable stay as they can mix with the locals within Cherating’s traditional village setting.’

Edros hoped more international surfing events would be held in Cherating as it would promote the area as a site for the extreme sport.

Last week, the beach played host to Safari Grom Search 2019 surfing event, which attracted 62 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, France and India.


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