China promises one-hour travel anywhere in the world by 2045

By TIN Media | China Published 1 month ago on 22 September 2020
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Bao Weimin, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announces the creation of a new technology by the Chinese top space travel researchers to allow people to travel anywhere in the world within one hour.

At a conference this week, the announcement was made that the baiting technology would come into effect in the coming decades.

Speaking at the 2020 China Space Conference in Fuzhou, the academic said that the extraordinary journeys may become as routine as taking an airline flight by 2045.

Bao, who is also Director of the Science and Technology Commission of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, clarified that hypersonic flying technology and reusable carrier rocket technology would be crucial to achieving the high goal.

Although 2045 can look like a long way ahead, it should soon become clear how the first tranche of significant technological advances is to be accomplished by 2025. 

The academic also claimed that airliner-like space travel by 2035 would have evolved to the point that thousands of kilogrammes of cargo and passengers were shipped.

The overall infrastructure for space exploration will be fully completed and operational another decade later. When operating at full pace, the device will be able to take tens of thousands of passengers each year.

China is seeking to catch up with Russia and the US by 2030. In recent years, it has taken a range of steps to make space flights more economic. It is developing reusable missiles and a reusable spacecraft was launched and landed earlier this month.


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