Kelantan has no problem with 5.5 million tourist target

By TIN Media | Kelantan Published 4 years ago on 3 February 2020
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The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has assured Kelantan that it will not face the problem of increasing tourist arrivals in the state in conjunction with the Kelantan Visiting Year (ICT) 2020.

Its minister, Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi said this was due to the many products and attractions available to enable Kelantan to visit.

“In terms of tourism products, if you look today I can give you a pretty good guarantee. Tourism products are plentiful and one is batik.

"Entrepreneurs in Kelantan who produce textile products and so forth are also very advanced," he told the media yesterday.

Earlier he officiated the 2020 East Coast Textile Craft Festival in Muhammadi Square.

Also present were Deputy Minister, Mr Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik and Director-General of Malaysian Craft, Ibrahim Ismail.

Mohamaddin also said that Kelantan had already included activities in its own TMK 2020 calendar and hoped it could proceed according to plan.

“As usual Kelantan calender is available (ICT calendar). More tourists are coming in. No problem, ”he said.

Kelantan is aiming for 5.5 million tourists to visit the state in conjunction with the TMK 2020 themed Family, Food and Festival.

Meanwhile, Mohamaddin also said that in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Malaysia 2020 campaign, Craft Malaysia also produced more than 1,000 designs of craft products from the fields of jungle, produce, metal, including more modern, contemporary and marketable textile crafts while maintaining the craft's identity while maintaining its craft identity. Malaysia which also involves several segments of other craft products.

“Of course, the state of Kelantan is no exception to receiving high domestic and foreign tourists. Kelantan also has a wealth of heritage, historical places, eco-tourism, food variations, and popular shopping destinations.

“Kelantan is also well known for its arts and cultural activities including Western Minds, Puppets and in particular Mak Yong, which is recognized worldwide by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Master-Piece Of The Oral And Intangible Heritage Of Humanity, "he said.


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