Langkawi is all set to be tagged as "smart city" very soon

By TIN Media | Kedah Published 2 years ago on 28 December 2019
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The Langkawi Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC), scheduled in February next year, will act as a catalyst for the Government of Kedah's efforts, through the Kedah Digital project, to make the state a smart city before 2035.

The chairman of the Committee of State Information, Telecommunications, and Multimedia (NGO) NGO, Mohd Firdaus Ahmad, said the IOCC would commence its operations after the 5 G network had been initiated on the island in January with state-of-the-art equipment.

"The IOCC is at the core of Langkawi's 5 G implementation. The IOCC was the State government's first effort to make Kedah a smart city because the IOCC is the use of high technology."

Mohd Firdaus said that the smooth operation of the IOCC would be a measure for the state before implementing other smart city components, such as the cashless payment system.

In addition to advanced integrated safety features, the control center would be a security monitoring center with Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras installed at hotspots on the island, he said.

' The face and vehicle recognition system will also be an alternative to the technology used in the IOCC, which will make it easier for police to operate and save time in cases of snatch theft, robbery or assassination.

"There will also be weather monitors, tsunami warnings and 24-hour wind speed systems. When the alert system is triggered, the district office will invite all the appropriate authorities to discuss safety measures to be taken. The district officer will be the director of the IOCC.

Meanwhile, Mohd Firdaus said the smart taxi in Langkawi will be introduced next year in line with the launch of the Island's 5 G technology, another intelligent city feature to introduce.

He said there were talks with the Malaysian Commission for Communications and Multimedia and the Taxi Drivers Association of Langkawi and the taxis drivers of this Island had agreed to turn to clever taxis, which included 50 taxis initially.

"These smart Taxis will have free Wi-Fi, making them more convenient for tourists, especially foreign tourists," he said.


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