Malaysia gearing up for recognition as a preferred Education Tourism sector

By TIN Media | Education Tourism Published 4 years ago on 1 October 2019
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Educational tourism in Malaysia is recognised as a new industry, as this concept has just settled in the Asian region, particularly in Malaysia. It all started in 2001, with joint conjunction with Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism and The Ministry of Education in order to enhance the tourism development through educational tourism program established by the aforementioned.

However, the government took time to know the significance of the industry only when the significant contribution of the tourism industry was highlighted, and the government was assured that it can bring a lot of tourist from all over the world.  From both social and economic point of view, the growth of educational tourism has risen in recent decades changing the perception of an ample amount of decision-makers.

It is a well-known fact that the countries which can acknowledge educational tourism and can make an avenue for International learning exchange program will be more successful than the rest of the countries. Because the combination of these two i.e. tourism and education has significantly increased and with facilitation of education and learning becoming the main target of educational tourists.

Malaysia has grown quite far into the educational industry and is now in a position to impart knowledge globally. Potential learners from across the world are counting Malaysia as a potential destination to grab learning and coming across in an aim to acquiring new knowledge into a specific field. Educational tourism is a process which enhances socio-economic capital, empowerment for learners and hosts communities worldwide.

With the increase in awareness and digitalization people are more aware and know where to get the best learning from. Malaysia is yet to boost its educational strength in the digital mediums and promote it globally to be visible in the list of learner’s choices and preferences across.


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