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By TIN Media | Art & Culture Published 2 years ago on 30 October 2019
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Once Malaysia was ranked among the top 10 destinations across the globe and in fact, was the only Asian country to make the top ten list. This ranking was for a reason and because Malaysia is one of a kind destinations offering countless attractions, including stunning natural beauty, intriguing culture and inspiring festivals reflecting unity and diversity of Malaysians.

Malaysia is the most favourite destination of tourists and traveller across the world and has ample option provided by the destination for leisure and recreational activities. The place has a lot of souvenirs to take from while returning from trips. People are always in a lookout for good souvenirs when they are close to ending their trip and want to take back something good and relevant to gift to their near and dear ones. Souvenirs are considered as an investment in preserving the experience of a particular place visited evoking wonderful personal memoirs of the vacation taken. Not only would one of these souvenirs spark memories, but they are definite conversation starters for you to share those memories with others.

Malaysia has taken great actions and implemented and promoted various souvenirs that can be purchased and taken back from Malaysia to be gifted to the family and friends. There are many other souvenirs that tourists and travellers can tack back from Malaysia including tea, spices and much more besides, ethnic and traditional kinds of stuff imbued with cultural relevance and history.

Sarawak Bamboo

Sarawak Bamboo is quite popular amongst the locals and is taking an incremental pace with tourists as well. This will grab the attention of someone who is more inclined towards something culturally significant and handcrafted and has intense knowledge of bamboo-based arts and culture than it is worth considered factor for souvenir option. Hand-carved and hand-painted, the beautiful bamboo creations are diverse and almost endless in the form of functionality and imagination. It is made with dedication and love from the local people of Sarawak.

Borneo Pearls

Borneo is the Island of Sabah in Malaysia which is home to many of the popular souvenir attraction all across Malaysia i.e. the Borneo pearls. The utmost speciality of the place. The pearl is considered to be of greatest quality and is equally popular with locals as with the tourists. Everyone wants to fetch and grab the best possible Borneo pearls available. Sabah pearls are slowly and gradually penetrating into and making waves into the Asian Pearl Market and are estimated to be slowly and steadily appearing into the boutiques as Mesenso for pearls aficionados for the world over to appreciate. Merely adding to their elusive charm and appeal, good quality pearls are notoriously hard to find, which make them a perfect souvenir investment.

Nyonya Beaded Shoes

If you are a person that likes to add to your wardrobe with every country you visit, a fashionable and culturally significant item that may interest you are Nyonya Beaded Shoes. They are available in the form of traditional slippers, or more modern adaptations for many different styles of shoes and sandals, these beaded beauties really make a statement. Also buying from the local artists thrive the culture and make them grow far and wide.


Batik Fabric

There is a hype of Batik in Malaysia and with Visit Malaysia 2020 Batik is again taking the much-needed attention of tourists across the globe. Batik is mostly famous fabric which is made from dying technique and unlike the major chunk of production that we usually get i.e. designs through waving of threads of fabrics altogether is not what Batik is made of. Aside from being incredibly beautiful, these fabrics tend to be highly durable as well, since the dies are more resistant to washing and wear than painted or printed fabrics.

As a cautionary measure, try and get the original batik made through genuine handmade batik fabric which will last you a lifetime and will prove to be the best souvenir option. So make sure you invest in the original and the best product available.


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