MATTA intensifies efforts to promote Melaka's rural destinations

By TIN Media | Malacca Published 3 years ago on 8 December 2020
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The Melaka Chapter of the MATTA raises efforts to encourage tourism destinations in rural areas to help revitalise the tourism sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Goh Hock Gin, the president, said Melaka was known as a tourist destination and for its food and health products, but rural areas had  beautiful flora and fauna, and tourists from domestic and international were still waiting for exploration.

"Previously, tourists were more focused on tourist destinations around the city of Melaka, whereas areas in the rural districts of Jasin and Alor Gajah, also offer an interesting environment for tourists to experience its wonderful and unique nature,” he told reporters after participating in the Lets Explore Jasin programme with Melaka MATTA here.

As an example of the laman Tiga Budaya on the Melaka, Johor and Negeri Sembilan frontiers, Goh said the region is special, not just because it is at the foot of Gunung Ledang, but also because the three States have met, which makes the place to visit fascinating.

He said that the Bio Silver Asahan Water Theme Park in Asahan, Bukit Batu Forest Eco Park in Selandar and Lambaian Danao Camp in Kampung Chinchin are also special and interesting places to visit for tourism in other rural areas.

He said the association would continue to cooperate with the Government of Melaka to develop new tourism packages to attract visitors to the state especially rural areas.


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