Origami unfolds with Malaysian touch

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 2 years ago on 19 November 2019
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The Malaysia Origami Academy highlighted the fusion of culture between Malaysia and Japan by exhibiting origami creations with local touch in conjunction with World Origami Day.

The showcase which took place at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, saw our national treasures represented in beautiful folds such as the wau bulan and mangosteen, as well as “sculptures” of Tunku Abdul Rahman and a durian.

Malaysia Origami Association art director Sam Yap who was behind the creation of the durian origami said it took them almost six years to figure out the best way to bring the durian to life and once the right technique was mastered, three weeks was spent completing the whole durian.

Sam said his main inspiration to create local-themed origami started from his Wau Bulan origami which he came up with last year.

The remarkable piece gained him recognition by the Malaysia Book of Records in making the largest Jalur Gemilang with Wau Bulan origami.

This year’s celebration was made more special thanks to the presence of Japan Cultural Envoy in Origami, Professor Dr. Jun Mitani, who is a world-renowned pioneer in the art of curved-folding or 3D origami.

The computer scientist had created curved-folding origami involving mathematical equations with the aid of his custom-developed software.

Malaysia Origami Academy founder and director Kenneth Ch’ng were heartened by Prof Mitani’s presence at this year’s exhibition as people of Japan do not simply come down to have a look at another origami identical to theirs.

Ch’ng said, “it  is considered prestigious that we are selected for their visit, now that we are presenting our very own Malaysian origami, which is unlike anything else in the world.”

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry sees the academy’s move as helping to promote Malaysia as an Asian melting pot.



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