The new Matchmaker in Malaysia is all set to get you sorted

By TIN Media | Food Tourism Published 9 months ago on 1 October 2019
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Malaysian never shy away from trying new things and technologies. Be it any field they try to come first and make people experience new technological advances. Malaysia is yet again in news with neve-heard eatery restaurant where people can walk out from the restaurant with a full belly and might also with a potential partner!

Yes, that’s right, This Malaysian eatery has got you all covered with the basic needs. You neither have to be lonely nor hungry anymore. Hotpot restaurant Xing Fu Xiao Guo is the new internet sensation and making headlines because of the new creative idea of the date and food amalgamation. Not much is known about the food, but the place is ultimately famous for its creative ideas and all the singles are gushing over to this unique fiesta.

There’s nothing fishy about the restaurant, in any which way. Xing Fu Xiao Guo is marketed as the first 'matchmaking' steamboat restaurant in Malaysia. The operation module is quite simple and clear. The restaurant is facilitated via a table with a single divider between the two sides, which can retract with the touch of a button. Thus, revealing the diner sitting on the opposite end.

Interested people can touch the button and unveil their partner and get going with conversation and food, quite at the same time and have a great time. This thoughtful restaurant is said to create a lot of buzzes already and can attract locals and tourist from all over the world, far and wide.



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