Tourism regulator issues warning to unlicensed service providers

By TIN Media | Asean News Published 3 weeks ago on 7 March 2023
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The Tourism Development Department, which oversees travel agencies in the Sultanate and has received public complaints about unlicensed businesses offering services both inside and outside the nation, including umrah and haj packages, stated on Sunday (March 5) that any business or individual engaging in tourism activities without a valid license violates Section 11(1) of Chapter 239 of the Tourism Act.

If proven guilty, offenders risk receiving a BND10,000 fine, a two-year maximum sentence, or both. According to a statement from the department, a maximum fine of BND 100 is assessed for each successive infraction.

Businesses looking to operate as travel agents must apply for a license with the department. Licensed travel agents need permission from the Ministry of Religious Affairs' Haj Affairs Directorate before providing umrah or haj services (MoRA).

Check the list of authorized travel agents on the Tourist Development Department's website at, the public is urged to do so.

The list of businesses authorized to provide haj and umrah package services, according to a separate statement from the Haj Affairs Department, is available on the MoRA website at


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