Visit Malaysia Year 2026 will take place in just over two years, and Malaysians are encouraged to contribute to its success

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 1 month ago on 2 November 2023
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Visit Malaysia Year 2026 will take place in just over two years, and Malaysians are encouraged to contribute to its success.

Director-general of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Datuk Dr. Ammar Abd Ghapar stated that if every Malaysian supports the campaign with pride, the outcomes will be optimal. He stated that when Visit Malaysia Year 2026 approaches in just two years, local Malaysians will have the greatest opportunity to promote the nation.

Malaysians are the most persuasive small ambassadors since they are the ones who know their nation the best, whether they are living in the capital metropolis of Kuala Lumpur or a small village in the heart of Sabah.

"We cannot do it alone, even though it is our professional duty to develop the tourism industry as one of the nation's top revenue-generating industries," Ammar stated.

According to him in an interview, the government is currently focusing on the Southeast Asian market because 70% of visitors to Malaysia originate from this area.

Since many Chinese visitors are eager to experience Malaysian culture, cuisine, and scenery, China is also being considered a major market.

Ammar pointed out that tourists today typically look for information from a range of sources before deciding, and Malaysia is known for its richness and variety.

"Today's tourists in Malaysia choose packages that offer the right experience, a great feel, and a fun environment rather than just coming for the photos and souvenirs," the speaker stated.

He continued by saying that promoting Malaysia to the international market has always depended on the branding of "Malaysia, Truly Asia."

According to Ammar, the sector is driven to surpass its previous records from the pre-Covid-19 era, such as the over 26 million visitor arrivals the nation saw in 2019.

"Our goal is to surpass the previous figures and reach a target of RM97.6bil in tourism expenditure," he declared.

With all that Malaysia has to offer, he continued, there is still more to be done to make sure that visitors—domestic or foreign—find their money well spent.

"They will return with more friends and family in tow if we sell it right and they have a satisfactory experience," he stated.

Ammar also emphasized how helpful the media is in promoting tourist destinations.

He claimed that "people play a big part in making that experience memorable when tourists visit a certain place."

According to Datuk Musa Yusof, deputy directory-general for promotions at Tourism Malaysia, the majority of local councils already actively promote tourism in their communities, and some

In keeping with its current tagline, "This is the time, cuti-cuti Malaysia," he continued, Tourism Malaysia is also working with the local media to encourage Malaysians to plan their domestic vacations.

To revitalize the tourism sector that was severely damaged by the pandemic, the government announced the Visit Malaysia Year 2026 campaign in Budget 2024 and set aside RM350 million to support tourism-related events and promotions.


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