Vistajet sees an 86 percent increase in pet travel

By TIN Media | Airlines Published 2 months ago on 9 September 2021
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VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, further expands its comprehensive VistaPet program, as the number of animals onboard soars 86% over the last two years and global pet ownership continues to rise.

Safety, security and the wellbeing of clients are fundamental for all at VistaJet. In addition to the unparalleled training with the British Butler Institute, Norland College and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, as well as being the first in private aviation to have in-house MedAire instructors, VistaJet’s team of over 200 Cabin Hostesses now has tuition in all segments of pet first aid to ensure safety for all in-flight and that loyal companions receive the same leading service as their owners.

 The extensive training program includes ,Pet CPR procedures from checking circulation, identifying location of the heart and optimum ratio of compressions to breath,Recognizing warning signs of chocking and the best maneuvers for the situation,Vital signs such as heart rate, varying pulse locations, body temperature, and mucous membrane and capillary refill time to check for circulation and levels of oxygen in the bloodstream,Understanding indications of poisoning from ingested or topical, spider or insect bites, and the best treatment for each.

And to better understand behaviors, crew members also learn how to read body language, whether that be a friendly dog holding its ears up and a loosely wagging tail; a fearful dog with ears back and tail tucked; recognizing the difference between a rapidly twitching tail and a friendly wag; or the unpredictability of cats, gaining clues from their eyes, ears and whiskers. 
VistaJet’s dedication to all passengers’ well-being is not limited to the cabin. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) has been advocating animal welfare for 100 years.  VistaJet shares the same vision of creating an inclusive society where animals and humans can co-exist in harmony.

To celebrate the SPCA (HK)’s 100-year milestone, VistaJet is working to support the good cause of the organization and its fundraising campaigns. Donation to SPCA (HK) will be made available on board all flights departing from Hong Kong, and 100 sets of specially selected VistaPet Pochette will be donated for SPCA (HK)’s upcoming charity sales, so more pets can be pampered at home as they would in the air with VistaJet.


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