Code-sharing partnership between Malaysia Airlines and Turkish Airlines

By TIN Media | Airlines Published 2 years ago on 30 November 2019
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Malaysia Airlines and Turkish Airlines have as of late marked a code-sharing partnership that permits and approves the two parties to take advantage of the new markets and provide travelers with more travel choices.

With the inception, the understanding will likewise offer increasingly comfortable travel chances to travelers, who have just been moved under the current business collaboration between the two aircraft since 2017.

The inception essentially expresses that the Turkish Airlines will offer new destinations in Malaysia and Australia as promoting and marketing carrier on Malaysia Airlines operated flights, while Malaysian Airlines will have the option to arrive at Turkey's domestic destinations. Inside the extent of this codeshare collaboration, MAB will put its marketing code and flight number on trunk course (Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul and versus) and Ankara, Antalya, Izmir routes worked by Turkish Airlines. In the interim, Turkish Airlines will put its showcasing code and flight number on MAB's Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Auckland and 12 Malaysia domestic flights from Kuala Lumpur.

Captain Izham Ismail, CEO of MAB, said; “Customer choice is treated with the utmost importance at MAB and we are glad that this codeshare agreement will further bolster the options we provide to our customers.”

He added that this codeshare will also allow for its passengers to travel to the major cities in Turkey, providing them with even more access for their travels. This opens up the opportunity for more tourists to explore Malaysia, as one of the premier holiday destinations in the Asia Pacific region, and the airline looks forward to extending its Malaysian Hospitality further with all who travel with us.

He further said that this codeshare will likewise consider its travelers to go to the significant urban major cities in Turkey, furnishing them with much more access for their travel movements. This opens up the door for more sightseers to explore and discover Malaysia, as one of the premier holiday destination in the Asia Pacific area and the airlines also anticipates expanding its Malaysian Hospitality further with all who travel along with.

Turkish Airlines’ chief investment and technology officer, Ahmet Bolat said it is also committed to providing its passengers with better connection options and taking the passenger experience to a much more comfortable dimension, altogether.

He added, “I hope that this important initiative that we have established on a close working environment with MAB will be beneficial for both companies and citizens of both brother countries,”.



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