Duty-free status will boost tourist arrivals in Pangkor Island

By TIN Media | Perak Published 2 years ago on 3 January 2020
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The new duty-free island status of Pangkor Island is expected to increase tourist arrivals on the island and was effective yesterday.

Tan Kar Hing, Chairman of State Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee said the new status would allow more visitors this year to visit the island resort.

Without revealing the details, Tan stated that the number of tourism visitors to the island had declined over the last five years and that the new status would enhance the tourism sector.

"So far we have an interesting (development) status in the new Pangkor island, and we hope it will help the island return to its previous (popular) level," he said.

With a touch to the infrastructure of this island, Tan said the government would clothe the private sector to invest, amongst other things, in building a large and convenient shopping center and a 3-star hotel.

Furthermore, Tan said that in addition to the famous pink taxis of the island, the State government had plans to upgrade the ferry service to meet passengers.

He also stated that a sub-committee was set up to deal with this issue in respect of the ferry and taxi services, including providing financial aid for cab operators and organizations and the opportunity to license more ferry operators.

The selling of liquors and tobacco was still being discussed between the government and the Finance Ministry on the list of duty-free items, he said. He added that there are currently three duty-free shops on the island.

He also aware of concerns from local residents about the small jetty because it was used not only for freight and passengers but for local residents to queue next to tourists

"I have already discussed that we might have a new exit access policy for local people, but as of now we need to use what we have right now," said Tan.


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